website www.hyper-capacitor.com aims to give all available information about hyper capacitors, these super fast batteries that will revolutionize our daily lives. You will find the technological advances and the techniques used by laboratories to create these high-density supercapacitors.

A hypercapacitor is a supercapacitor whose energy density reaches that of the batteries is to say at least 50 watt hours per kilo. In laboratories, researchers have already succeeded in making hypercapacitors whose energy density reaches 155 Wh per kg.

Several laboratories in different countries have used different techniques to create hyper capacitors storing as much electricity a battery. These records energy density are currently not reproducible for a large-scale commercial production. The best commercially available supercapacitors can store up so 10 Wh per kg only.

But research progresses quickly thanks to the development of nanotechnology and the recent understanding of the mechanisms involved in energy storage in a supercapacitor. Soon, perhaps we can talk of setting industrial production and the first uses of this ultimate energy storage solution akin to a super fast battery.

hypercapacitors will recharge your cell phone within seconds, but also will recharge an electric car in just a minute. What radically develop the electric vehicle market, especially since the hyper capacitor will be the most effective way to store electricity generated by renewable energy including photovoltaic that is booming.

Resembling a super fast battery, the hypercapacitor is the ultimate storage system with its very high power density and his longevity much greater than that of batteries. As the batteries become unusable after 1000 to 2000 charge / discharge, the average still hyper capacitors retain 92% capacity after 5000 cycles of charge / discharge.

Follow step by step the progress of this technology that will revolutionize your life and that will allow the massive photovoltaic development to totally change the energy paradigm of the entire world.